About Us

About thestoredeal

Hi everyone, this is thestoredeal. About Us pages are really weird to write.

You basically have to talk yourself up and act all-knowing. If there’s one

thing that I want to pass on to you, is that I am NOT special.

I’m not crazy smart. I don’t have a writing degree and I’m certainly not a

grammar expert.

My goal and the sole purpose of this little corner of the internet is to share

my thoughts, I do not consider myself to be an ultimate expert on any of the


I do not know everything nor I claim to, but I really enjoy learning,

researching, analyzing, finding solutions, solving problems and even

making mistakes in the process so I can share what works and what doesn’t

so that people know why you’re worth it,

But in the process does the trick of helping people, so that you guys get to

think about them and use them for your benefit and, in turn, share them to


I am currently under the process of growing my blog thestoredeal, learning

everyday, soaking it all in and enjoying every minute of it. If you can relate,

you are in the right place.

Thanks for reading About Us.