Best Smart Watches in 2020

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Smart Watches have taken the market by storm. Today these watches can do many more thinks than we can imagine. Best Smart Watches can track your fitness, play music, receive notifications, make calls, send text and emails, monitor your health, GPS & Map enabled and in emergency situations can also save life.

Finding the right one that suits all your needs from complementing your stylish look to tracking fitness you should also take into account whether they are compatible with your smart phone, the display size for your wrist, the battery life, tracking features available and finally your budget constraints.

Let’s take a look at some of the Best Smart Watches that are stylish as well as full of fitness tracking features.

Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple Watch Series 5 comes in two sizes 40MM and 44MM. It runs on IOS operating system. The always on retina display gives a good visual and user experience. Its watch face can be fully customized by using dedicated apps that can be installed through app store. You can achieve your fitness goals by using the advanced workout apps. It is GPS enabled and swim proof upto 50 meters.

The ECG app gives information regarding your heart rate sensor and electrocardiogram, and shows progress and warns if in-active. The built in compass comes in handy while cycle riding, trekking or mountain hiking, and Maps are more useful by showing you the right direction. It can last upto 18 Hrs in single battery charge. What Apple Watch Series 5 makes stand different from other watches is its fall detection and emergency SOS feature. It has been rated as Best Smart Watch. Click here to buy.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 comes in two sizes 40MM and 44MM with Super AMOLED screen. It runson Tizen operating system. It has been designed keeping in mind to achieve fitness goals, it includes a heart rate sensor, workout recognition, fitness tracking, onboard GPS, track your day to day activity and comes with a range of fitness apps available through app store. It can also monitor your sleeping pattern. It is swim proof upto 05 meters and has internal storage upto 4 GB. It can last upto 05 days on a single battery charge. Click here to buy.

Fitbit Versa 2

The Fitbit Versa 2 has size of 39MM with always on display. It has built in Alexa. It has more advanced features that can track all your day to day activities and fitness tracking apps. It can monitor your heart, your sleeping pattern and is swim proof. It does not have built in GPS. It has to be connected through Bluetooth with your smart phone for accessing GPS location. It can receive notifications, send text from Smart Phones. It can last upto 05 days on a single battery charge. Click here to buy.

Garmin Rugged Outdoor

By looking at this watch gives a tough look. The Garmin Rugged Outdoor has been made to stand out in the toughest environmental situations by using reinforced fibers. It has been made using military grade standards to with stand heat and shock. It has three axis built in compass and barometric altimeter. It uses multiple GPS features to handle critical locations. It is swim proof up to 100 meter. It can track all your fitness level activities and can train you with pre loaded activities from running, biking, swimming and many more. It can be connected to your Smart Phones. It can last from 16 Hrs to 14 Days on single battery charge. Click here to buy.

Amazfit Bip

The Amazfit Bip has size of 1.28 inch display with a low budget batch. It can track all your day to day activities and fitness tracking apps. It has built in GPS. It cannot respond to notifications or send text and is not swim proof. It has only 05 watch faces that can be applied. It can last upto 45 days on a single battery charge. Click here to buy.

Hope you enjoyed the Best Smart Watches in 2020. Keep reading.

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